The Veethree Group

The Veethree Group is an alliance of companies, driven by common technologies and innovation. Today the group of companies has employees worldwide, with sites over 4 continents, serving 100’s of OEM customers. Those companies include:

  • Indication Instruments Ltd – India
  • Veethree North America LLC – USA
  • Veethree New Zealand – New Zealand
  • Veethree Electronics & Marine LLC – USA
  • CANtronik Limited (Veethree Technologies) – UK

Engineering and Design

  • Rapid prototyping

  • EMI and RFI testing

  • Shock and Vibration testing

  • Accelerated weathering and real-time exposure testing

  • Large and small package temperature and humidity testing

  • Dust chamber and salt corrosion testing

  • We also offer in-house circuit board design with the ability to go from single side and multi layer board schematics directly to the actual board.

Quality Management

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified QMS

  • A computerized gauge calibration system to ensure that all measurement equipment is calibrated using masters traceable to NIST standards

  • Documented processes, procedures, and standards

  • Control of Engineering, Quality, and process documents and records

  • Monitoring, measurement, and analysis of key “dashboard” metrics

  • Regular management reviews of Quality system metrics and performance

  • Management review of customer feedback


  • Complete circuit board assembly via Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

  • Encapsulating

  • Sonic welding

  • Precision soldering

  • Light duty welding

Group History

The first company in the group, Indication Instruments, was formed in 1976, engineering and manufacturing instruments for farm equipment. The company grew steadily acquiring other business and in 1991 was one of the top 3 growth companies in India.

In 2003 Veethree North America was created as a warehousing and sales operation to serve customers in a growing US market. Five years later in 2008 Veethree New Zealand opened its doors to better serve the Australasia market.

The group continued to grow its worldwide business and in 2009 an opportunity arose to acquire the assets of Teleflex Inc. a worldwide manufacture of marine instruments with a production plant in Florida, USA. Under the brand of Veethree Electronics and Marine many of the Teleflex team joined the company and have been instrumental in its year on year growth. 

2017 saw the acquisition of CANtronik Limited, based in the UK. The company had, since its inception in 2007. worked in partnership with the group specialising in software engineering which complimented the groups hardware manufacturing capabilities. CANtronik rebranded in early 2019 to Veethree Technologies to strengthen work even more closely with group companies and cross functional teams.

Since 1976 technologies and our products have advanced in leaps and bounds but the core values remain unchanged, and customers remain at the very center of all our work. This focus sets us apart from other global business, we pride ourselves in working collaboratively with our customers as an extension of their engineering departments.