Control of your Vessel at your Fingertips

22nd February 2021

Veethree Group launched its Digital Switching solution in November last year and its popularity has been increasing, unlike any other system on the market today, the VeeConnect offers unique features to make the system simple to setup, easy to use and ultra-reliable.

The system consists of a power switching module known as the ECBU (electronic circuit breaker unit) and either a 5” TFT PCAP touch screen display known as the T5 or a larger 7” version, the T7i. The touch screens are used to configure the system and can act as the switch pad itself and communicate to the ECBU over NMEA 2000® CAN Bus cabling.

Key features of the system include:

  • Ultra-reliable – proven aerospace tested reliability brought to the marine market.
  • Management of up to 12 loads per unit – with a maximum current draw on each load up to 20 amps or 170 amps for the entire module.
  • Solid-state device with no moving parts – utilizing programmable electronic circuit breakers with on printed circuit board fuse protection as well.
  • Modular flexibility – multiple ECBU’s or display’s can be used within a system to offer flexibility of mounting locations for ease of fitting and use.
  • Easy configuration – the system is configured from the T5/T7i display’s, meaning no technician or laptop required. Just a simple on-screen menu that allows you to do complete configuration from switch types and styles to how the load is handled.
  • Reduces wiring – communicating over the NMEA 2000® network the use of the digital switching system allows for streamlining of wiring throughout the vessel.

Brent Okuley, Florida, USA, was one of a few boaters who got the chance to give VeeConnect a try before it was released and here’s what he had to say about it. “I was privileged to be among the very first beta testers for the VeeConnect. Now I have the production model installed. Not only did it exceed my expectations but I’ve since removed all of the original DC switches from my console entirely because of how reliable the VeeConnect is. Among the many upgrades to my boat, none of them have been more revolutionary and attention grabbing than this.”

Ready to streamline and upgrade your vessel? Make the switch to VeeConnect!